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Your rights to these special royalty free animations and still images and now, stock videos are for your personal use on personal or commercial uses in a personal license for images, animations and stock videos  with the right to use for anything commercial or non without having to pay royalties or license fees. The only restrictions are that our images, animations, stock videos or package may not be resold or redistributed in the way it was made, or made available for redistribution or resale by a third party in the way it was made, by any means. You may modify the Media in any way required for reproduction, or in your own personal creations with no maximum amount of the distribution in your works with our animations, still images or stock videos . But you cannot claim copyright in any form, not even in modifications you may have made in any of our images.

P.S. We make our own animations and only upload clean, non virus images, but due to maliciousness on the internet I can’t be responsible for any damages a malicious image, may make best advice is to scan your images.

Some images won’t show it’s entirety until you click image to the second page. Because some images crop automatically so that the website may keep at a fast pace, lets face it, it’s what we want but the complete image is there when you download it. Hey, it’s a script what can I say it speeds up the website.

Any questions, email: Liz at bigverities@gmail.com 



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